Press Release
Reagan Dunn Points to “Natural Immunity” as a Consideration for Undermining County Vaccine Mandate

Natural Immunity to COVID-19 is a national conservative talking point of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Fox News Host Tucker Carlson, among others

Renton – As COVID remains the number one cause of death among law enforcement and first responders across the country, King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn says a vaccine mandate is, “too hard line of a policy,” while still acknowledging that, “mandatory vaccinations may make sense in terms of the spread of the disease.

Discussing this more in depth in an interview Monday on the Dori Monson Show, Dunn echoed national conservative talking points stating that, “the natural immunities in at least some studies are potentially better than man-made immunity.” Natural immunity, of course, requires a person to have COVID and survive it, an extremely dangerous and flawed proposition that runs counter to CDC recommendations. The topic of natural immunity is popular among conservatives including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis  and conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson, among others. 

Later in the interview Dunn stated he wants to, “fight for this and continue to fight for the minority of people who, for whatever reason, are uncomfortable with the vaccine, and we’ll take it to the mat if necessary.”

“I support King County’s vaccine mandate because I believe in science and public health, and because it’s working,” said Renton City Councilmember and candidate for County Council Kim-Khanh Van. “If we want to keep kids in school, businesses open, and our community safe, people must get vaccinated, especially frontline workers who interface with the public. It is a great tragedy that more police have died nationwide of COVID than any other cause this year. Public health is public safety. The vaccine is safe, effective, and the best tool we have to end this pandemic.”

Van continued, “Councilmember Dunn’s furthering misinformation about the benefits of ‘natural immunity’ is illogical and dangerous. While this may be a popular talking point among right-wing radio hosts and anti-vaxxers, encouraging people to contract COVID will in many cases be a death sentence. I don’t want to go back to the early days of the pandemic. Our representative has an obligation to put community safety first, stop undermining public health, and prevent the overcrowding of our hospitals and the deaths of thousands of Washingtonians.”

According to the King County dashboard of COVID-19 outcomes by vaccination status for the past 30 days, an unvaccinated person is 8 times more likely to test positive for COVID-19, 46 times more likely to be hospitalized, and 78 times more likely to die of COVID than a fully vaccinated person. 

King County is among the most vaccinated counties in the country, and the most vaccinated county of its size. 83% of county employees are vaccinated, including about 80% of Sheriff’s Deputies, nearly double the rate since August, the month the mandate was announced.